SMI Culture & Travel Group Holdings Limited (HKSE: HK 2366) was established in 2004. It is mainly engaged in investments in the production and distribution of films, investments in the production and distribution of television dramas, creation, production and distribution of new media contents, production and distribution of online and film advertisements and agency operation for film directors, scriptwriters and artists.

SMI Culture & Travel is a renowned player in the film, culture and entertainment industry in the Greater China region. It invested in and produced a number of award-winning and globally acclaimed masterpieces which recorded outstanding box office revenue.

In August 2013, the principal business of SMI Culture & Travel was developing rapidly upon the introduction of a new major shareholder, SMI Holdings Group Ltd. (HKSE: HK 0198), which is a famous China-based investor and operator of cinemas commanding a number of Cinemas and abundant market operation resources.

In light of China’s booming culture and media industry and its bright market prospect, SMI Culture & Travel will seize the opportunities and ride on its edge of diverse resources to intensify the investments in film projects, with a view to achieving creative breakthroughs and value realization in the era of mobile Internet, thus maximizing investment returns for shareholders.