Based on the extensive experience in operation of agency industry in the US and the existing domestic operation, SMI Culture & Travel has established a brand-new business mode for agency company focusing on running an “agency-oriented business(大經紀、全業務)” . Its agency companies are responsible for planning of film products, and human resources management for the entire business chain of directing, acting, production, art directing, filming and advertising, while film production companies are responsible for film production. This will form a cooperative up-and-down-stream operating system and change the original single operation mode of artist agency of agency companies, thus bringing in considerable agency income from the whole business chain.

With years of establishment, SMI Agency(星美經紀)had worked with lots of famous directors such as Peter Chan, Andrew Lau, Lu Chuan, Ann Hui, Guan Hu, Chen Kaige and Cao Baoping, and leading prominent artists such as Liu Ye, Jiang Wenli, Zhang Ziyi and Vicki Zhao.

SMI Agency (星美經紀)is a leading company in China’s fashion industry. It has many outstanding fashion directors such as Wang Hongmin, and a number of top models. In 2015, SMI Agency(星美經紀)has pushed forward to its international development by investment to acquire a well-known model agency in Hong Kong, Solid Model & Productions Limited, entering into a strategic cooperation with Eelin Entertainment in Taiwan. These moves created new opportunities for the fashion and agency industries in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to seek cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.