Leveraging the advantages of deploying resources in the second-largest cinema circuit in China owned by the Shareholders, SMI Culture & Travel has established a distribution network for its distribution business with core competitiveness and market coverage through the co-operation with some professional companies in China and commitment in expanding the market share of film agency and distribution to further enlarge its revenue, and achieved a significant growth in its results of distribution business.

SMI Culture & Travel made an investment in acquiring the copyright of Paddington, an animated film distributed by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. in 2014 and the film made almost RMB100 million at the box office. In the meantime, SMI Culture & Travel distributed several films.

Since 2015, SMI Culture & Travel has restructured its distribution team. It developed a distribution system integrating online ticketing and offline promotion and formed a distribution team of 250 employees. SMI Culture & Travel has also obtained the distribution license for several films. The distribution business will become a key drive to the business growth for SMI Culture & Travel in the coming years.