SMI Culture & Travel is one of the film, culture and entertainment enterprises with the most profound influence and highest production standard in the Greater China region.

Upon the investment from SMI Holdings, SMI Culture & Travel allocated resources to the establishment of several professional project companies, such as SMI Movie Company Limited, SMI Movie Distribution Company Limited, SMI Culture & Travel Workshop Company Limited, SMI Artist Agency Limited* (星美演藝經紀有限公司), Tianjin SMI Cloud Television Culture Transmission Limited* (天津星美雲視文化傳播有限公司), etc., which facilitated the progress of investments in the production of films, television dramas and online dramas.

The investments in a series of quality films, television dramas and online dramas were kick-started, with The Golden Era (黃金時代) and Dearest (親愛的) winning international acclaims in occasions such as Cannes International Film Festival, Golden Horse Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards. Dearest also recorded a box office of RMB350 million. Dramas Family Affairs (咱家那些事) and Love’s Bodyguard (愛的保鏢)went on air on CNTV and posted record-breaking ratings.

2015 is the year of films and dramas, in which SMI Culture & Travel deployed additional resources and commenced twelve production projects. The film projects include a gangster film Project Fox Hunter (獵狐行動), an action film Adventure in Libya (驚魂利比亞), a romantic film Tender is August (八月未央) and a 3D epic science fiction film The Wonder 3D (追逐奇跡:彩虹). The dramas projects include war dramas Elite Force (特戰尖兵) and Old Soldiers Never Die (沙海老兵) and military commentary Charge! Charge! Charge! (向前!向前!向前!). New media drama projects include a horror drama The Third Eye (陰陽眼), an inspirational drama To Grow Up As A Game (成長的遊戲) and a teen drama Miss Bomb (密斯炸彈).

As SMI Culture & Travel’s investments in film productions broaden, “SMI Production” has developed into a well-recognised brand in the Chinese movie market.